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Where You Live May Determine Which COVID-19 Vaccine You Get

According to the experts, the COVID-19 vaccine you receive is most likely dependent on the area you live in and the medical facility providing the vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine must be stored at colder temperatures than the Moderna. This means the majority of rural areas and smaller facilities will probably be using the Moderna vaccine. […]

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COVID-19 Treatment & Vaccine Updates

There is, tragically, no question about the devastating impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world. It has infected millions, killed hundreds of thousands and caused tremendous damage to the worldwide economy, pushing tens of millions of people out of work and sapping trillions of dollars from the worldwide economy. The only good […]

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FDA Issues Boxed Warning for Allergy Drug Singulair – What You Need to Know

With the arrival of March, spring is just around the corner. However, there has been spring-like weather in many areas of the country lately, which means pollen is already starting to spring up. As a result, more people are turning to their allergy medication to keep their springtime allergies at bay. While there are many […]

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Antibiotics May Help Combat Alzheimers Symptoms

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that affects millions of people every year. There is no cure for the illness and the treatments are only effective to a certain degree. This is one reason research into the illness is still ongoing and researchers seek to study the disease from every angle. An unexpected discovery may have […]

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New Compound Discovery That May Combat Superbugs

During the last few years, scientists have been placing their focus on one of the biggest concerns in the world. There are bacterial strains that have become resistant to antibiotics. This makes these strains extremely difficult or impossible to kill. These dangerous bacteria are being referred to as superbugs. According to the latest study, researchers […]

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Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Fill That Rx

An enormous amount of prescriptions are written every day around the world. Unfortunately, far too many people simply go to their local pharmacy and have the prescription filled without getting information from their doctor about the drug they are about to begin taking. There is nothing more important than your health. Therefore, it only makes […]

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New Medication: An Eye Drop That Can Dissolve Cataracts?

Around the world, millions of people suffer from cataracts, and in the United States, more than half of those who reach age 80 or older will receive cataract surgery before their eightieth birthday. This surgery is necessary to prevent blindness, and although it is common and safe, doctors have long been looking for an alternative […]

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