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Neighborhood Support May Help Stroke Survival for Seniors

When someone has a stroke, it often alters the way that they walk and talk. They sometimes lose the ability to provide the care for themselves that they need in order to stay at home alone. This is when the neighborhood can step in to help. If everyone in the community helps to clean the […]

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Why Are Pharmaceuticals Cheaper Abroad?

Citizens of the United States often bemoan the costs of healthcare, pointing to the ever-increasing prices of prescription drugs as a prime example of what is wrong with the current system. The truth of the matter is that Americans are not wrong about the seemingly exorbitant expenses associated with prescription drugs; in fact, American consumers […]

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Just How “Good” Is Big Pharma?

The cost of drugs and pharmaceuticals in America is astronomical compared to the cost in other countries. Big Pharma companies consist of the leading pharmaceutical companies in America, and they charge outrageous prices for their drugs. A terminal patient can hardly afford the medications that these companies provide if he or she does not have […]

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Have You Seen Our New Website at

The cost of prescription medication continues to increase to prohibitive levels, but there are alternative sources that may offer better prices. is one such option, and we are committed to maintaining our reputation as trustworthy and reliable providers for your prescription, non-prescription and pet medications. To support this mission, we recently upgraded our website […]

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