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Raising Children Without The Village: How New Parents Can Cope During The Pandemic

Parents who are stuck at home during the pandemic have lost the village that helped them raise their children. You may not have realized how much support you got when you left the house, and there are some tips below that will help you cope. You can use these tips to change your daily routine, support your kids, and provide your family with the experiences that they need. Both parents should participate as much as possible, and you can try something new with your kids.

Do You Have A Daily Routine?

You must institute a daily routine for your family that allows everyone to remain productive. You do not want to waste time during the pandemic like it is summer vacation. You can use the routine to get your kids started with their schoolwork, and you can start working at the same time. Because everyone started at the same time, you can all create a good working environment that encourages productivity.

The routine that you start should be maintained every day. This is a good way to ensure your family is getting something done during the day. It is simple for you to take breaks for lunch and dinner. This is the simplest way for you to get the results you want, and you can easily expect your family to stick to this schedule.

Your daily routine can change if you want to complete different activities on different days. In some cases, it makes much more sense to alter your schedule to accommodate your kids, their classes, and other activities you have found for them. This is especially true when the activities are hosted online at a certain time.

Do You Have Virtual Resources?

Virtual resources are a good way for you to reach out to the people that you normally see during the week. You should schedule a time to video conference with the people that you love. You should have special meetings with your friends, and you can even complete activities with your friends when you are on the video call. The video call is a good way to do schoolwork, and you could easily work on video conferences with all the people in your office.

When you are using virtual resources for your kids, you can put them on websites that will help them with school. This is often the simplest way for you to help your kids with school, and the website can show their progress. You can do some of these activities together, and you can let your kids play games when they have reached their goals for the day.

Do You Have Virtual Activities?

When your kids participate in sports or the arts, you should use virtual resources to ensure that the kids can continue their activities. You can use virtual dance classes, music lessons, and sports lessons. You should let your kids practice every day, and you should ensure that they have that time built into their schedule. Kids get to go to special classes at school, and you should allow them that time during the day.

You can schedule a happy hour or wine night with adults. You can start a game night with all the people you care about, and you can even host game tournaments online. Kids who play video games can already play their friends virtually, and you should do the same. You want to create activities that will take your mind off being stuck at home.

Get Outside

You should go out on the lawn or for a walk in your neighborhood when you are working at home all day. Your kids get a bit of sun when they go to and from school. You can use this time to relax, or you could walk the dog. You might want to play games outside, or you might want to sit down and read.

Some kids love to read, and you could send them outside to read when their schoolwork is done. You can join your kids outside to read when you are ready, and you should ensure that you bring everyone inside in time for dinner. You want to ensure that you remain on the schedule that you created, and you might go back outside to read, have video calls with your friends or family, and you can relax while watching TV at the end of the day.

Are You Doing Family Activities On The Weekends?

If you have the opportunity, you should do family activities on the weekends. These activities can include friends and family, but you should keep a safe distance while you do so. You can go to the park to sit down for a picnic, or you can let the dogs play while you chat at a distance. While this is not ideal, it is better than sitting at home. You may also want to reach out to your children’s teachers to ensure that they are looked after. Teachers often have a hard time adjusting to situations like this because they love your kids. The teachers may not get to see your kids again, and you should ask the teachers if they would like to join in your activities or video conferences.

If you know these teachers personally, you can invite them to your wine night or happy hour video conference. This is a good way to care for other people in your community, and your kids will be excited that you are talking to their teachers.


Parents who are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic need as many resources as they can find. You should always start with a schedule that everyone can follow. If you do not follow a schedule, it will be very hard for you to get anything done. You are modeling a good work ethic for your kids, and you can meet with friends and family using video conferences. You should also include teachers and other adults that your kids love. You cannot bring things back to normal, but you can make sheltering in place a little bit easier.