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5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Prevent A Second Stroke

A stroke can be a life-changing experience. If you are a stroke survivor, then it is important for you to take the steps that are necessary for preventing a second one. You need to work with your doctor to prevent a second stroke. Managing chronic conditions, such as atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure, can reduce your risk of having a second stroke. You will also need to take the following steps.


You should start exercising as soon as your doctor says that it is okay. Engaging in physical activity is one of the best things that can be done to prevent a second stroke. Most people can benefit their health by engaging in at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Moderate physical activity includes things such as fast walking and cycling.

The purpose of exercise is to get your heart rate and breathing rate up. Exercise should challenge you, but it should not leave you totally breathless. You have to exercise consistently in order to get the best results from it. The key to consistently exercising is to pick activities that you like.

Stop Smoking

Smoking and stroke are directly linked to each other. In fact, studies have shown that people who smoke are twice as likely to have a stroke. The more you smoke, the higher your risk of a stroke will be. In fact, if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes, then you will be six times more likely to have a stroke.

There are several reasons that being a smoker can raise your risk of having a stroke. Tobacco can thicken your blood and make it more likely to clot. It can also cause your arteries to narrow, which will make it harder for the blood to flow.

Additionally, smoking has been linked to atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is one of the risk factors for a stroke. If you cut out smoking, then you will be able to greatly reduce your risk of having a stroke. You will also be benefiting your health in many other ways. It can protect your heart and lower your risk of certain forms of cancer.

Follow a Mediterranean Diet

Your diet can lower your risk of having a stroke. There are different types of diets that you can follow. However, the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest types of diets that you can follow. The Mediterranean diet is based on the way that Italians and Greeks eat.

It is primarily made up of fruits, legumes, seeds, vegetables, extra virgin oil and seafood. Eggs, poultry and dairy should be eaten in moderation. Red meat is a rare part of the Mediterranean diet. Sugar-sweetened beverages, refined grains, processed meat and sugar are some of the things that you will need to avoid. People who follow the Mediterranean diet are allowed to drink wine in moderation.

Several studies have confirmed that people who follow a healthy diet can reduce their risk of having a stroke. Researchers have found that people who follow diets that are filled with fruits and vegetables can lower their risk of having a stroke by 21 percent. Another study found that the Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of a stroke.

There are numerous other benefits that can be reaped from following a Mediterranean diet. For example, it can reduce your risk of heart disease. It can also keep you agile as you age. The Mediterranean diet can help keep your muscles strong. It can also lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity is one of the factors that can put you at risk for having a stroke. Keep in mind that you do not have to lose a lot of weight to benefit your health. In fact, you can lower your risk of a stroke by losing as little as 10 pounds. You should ask your doctor about a weight loss strategy that works best for you.

Many people are able to lose weight simply by reducing their caloric intake. Your calorie needs will depend on your current BMI and activity level. However, you may not need to eat more than 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day. You should also increase the amount of physical activity that you do.

Reduce the Amount of Alcohol That You Consume

If you are a current drinker, then you should reduce the amount of alcohol that you consume. Experts do not recommend drinking more than two drinks per day if you are a man or one if you are a woman. Excessive alcohol consumption can triple your risk of having a stroke.

Furthermore, many people who are recovering from a stroke may find that they are more sensitive to alcohol than they were before. That is why it is best to avoid drinking completely.