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The cost of prescription medication continues to increase to prohibitive levels, but there are alternative sources that may offer better prices. is one such option, and we are committed to maintaining our reputation as trustworthy and reliable providers for your prescription, non-prescription and pet medications.

To support this mission, we recently upgraded our website to improve the customer interface. The enhancements aim to simplify the ordering process, speed up order completion and enhance customer experience. Search Options

To determine if your prescription medications are part of our ever-expanding catalog, click on the Prescription Drugs tab on the ribbon at the top of the page. You will be directed to a page where you can refine the search by clicking on the button corresponding to the first letter of the drug name. For ease of use, call-out boxes on the right side of the page list top sellers, reviews and the alphabetic access box in case you want to find another item.

Non-prescription items and pet medications each have their own tabs on the ribbon. These pages follow the same access format as the section for prescription medications, making it easy to jump from one category to another.

As an alternative, you can also use the search box pinned to the top of each page. In most cases, typing the first few letters will bring up auto-complete options from which you can select the best match.

Don't see your medication online? Give us a call toll-free or initiate a LiveChat with one of our agents and we will gladly look into it for you!

Ordering Options

You can complete an order on our fully interactive website at where LiveChat agents can answer your questions and guide you through the process. For those who are more comfortable with traditional ordering systems, our phones are always open for phone-in or orders at 1-800-267-2688. Fax orders through 800-563-3822 will be processed if you use the downloadable order form available on

Processing Online Orders

Ordering online is a simple search, shop and complete process. Simply, search your medication, add the correct dosage and quantity to your cart and complete the simple step by step process to check out. will prompt you for log in information. If you are unaware of your log in information you may call us toll-free or initiate a LiveChat and we will kindly provide you with your log in information!

An order number will be generated after successful payment processing, but make sure to fax or upload any required prescriptions right away. After verification of the prescription, your order will be processed within three to five business days and delivered within 2-4 weeks.

We will keep you in the loop throughout the process; expect to receive an order confirmation email and a shipping confirmation email. Prescription orders cannot be altered after placement.

The content on this page is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Patients should not use the information presented on this page for diagnosing a health-related issue or disease. Before taking any medication or supplements, patients should always consult a physician or qualified healthcare professional for medical advice or information about whether a drug is safe, appropriate or effective.