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Health Tech: Needle Free Tattoos To Check Blood Sugar Levels

Non-invasive solutions in healthcare are making a quite an impression on patients and doctors. No one likes the pain of a needle or a knife, and that's why the needle-free tattoos to check blood sugar levels are so popular. These temporary electronic tattoos are making it easier for diabetic patients to monitor their blood sugar levels without constant finger pricking. So, what's the big deal about it?

Millions of people are affected by diabetes. In fact, diabetes is among the leading causes of death and disability. The only way to save a the life of someone with diabetes is to check sugar levels multiple times per day and monitor glucose levels. Depending on the outcome of the test, patients can eat food or take other precautions to balance their blood sugar levels. Most patients despise pricking their fingers several times a day to determine their blood sugar levels. So, they just refuse to do it. That's why a non-invasive solution was developed. It helps to save people's lives.

How Does it Work?

A temporary electronic device will be applied to the surface of the skin. It sticks to the skin like a rub-on tattoo. A mild electronic current will be emitted on the skin to monitor or detect a patient's blood sugar levels. All of this is done without needles. It's a novel invention. Most people feel no discomfort, and some will feel a mild tingling.

The device consists of silver and silver chloride ink electrodes. The sensor is made of a glucose-sensitive enzyme and also another type of ink. The electrodes and the sensor are printed on temporary tattoo paper.

The electrodes emit a mild electrical current to the skin for 10 minutes, which draws sodium ions towards the electrodes. The ions will also bring glucose that's present in the person's fluids. The tattoo's sensor will measure the strength of the electrical charge produced by the glucose in the person's blood sugar level.

The device is quite effective. Experts tested it to determine how well it detected a spike in blood sugar levels after a patient ate a sandwich and soda that was rich in carbohydrates. The device detected the spike just as well as the traditional stick monitor. So, it's expected to be a huge success.

Try Needle-Free Tattoos to Check Blood Sugar Levels

Patients with diabetes will probably prefer these needle-free tattoos over the traditional form to check blood sugar levels. Patients who use this new form of diabetes tester to check their blood sugar levels will have few reasons to return to the traditional format.

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