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How Much Sleep Do Seniors Need?

The debate over the amount of sleep that different people need continues to be a focal point of discussion by various medical groups. The sleep needs of senior citizens is an ongoing debate, as well. Some groups believe that senior citizens need less sleep than younger adults need, while other groups feel as though senior citizens need more sleep than younger adults need. To determine the truth, one would have to review the context of the word “need” and then determine the length of sleep that meets such a demand.

Why Everyone Needs Sleep

A need is something that we cannot do without because it would cause insurmountable harm and even a death of sorts. Sleep is one of the most crucial basic survival elements that exist. The mind, body and spirit can deteriorate without it. Lack of sleep can cause conditions such as fatigue, malaise, confusion, psychosis, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and the like. Additionally, a lack of sleep can cause a decline in brain functionality. Every human being who walks the Earth has a basic need for some sleep. However, adequate sleep is an entirely different story. Adequate sleep for a senior is sleep that produces the following fruits:

  • Altertness

  • Motivation

  • Youthfulness

  • Strength

  • Positivity

How Much Sleep Do Seniors Need?

Various organizations claim that the average adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep to function properly. The same rings true for senior citizens, who are people over the age of 60 years old. The problem that arises with many seniors is that they tend to miss sleep because of multiple hindrances and difficulties. While some seniors may obtain more sleep than is required, many only get a few hours.

Things That Hinder Adequate Sleep

Some of the problems that cause seniors to lose sleep are depression, insomnia, snoring, anxiety about life’s problems, depression, nighttime urination, pain, medication and more. The loss of sleep can complicate the issues and cause the person to have a low life quality. A senior should always contact a physician upon discovery of a sleeping complication. A physician can help to determine the main cause of the problem and develop a strategy to get the person back into a healthy sleeping routine.

How to Guarantee Appropriate Sleep

The route that a person takes to get appropriate rest pretends on the cause of the deficiency. For example, a person uses a CPAP device for sleep apnea to restore normal breathing and sleeping. A depressed person could start an exercise routine to encourage the desire to sleep. Other tips that one can use to get adequate sleep are as follows:

  • Eat nutritious foods

  • Eliminate late-night caffeine consumption

  • Cease or change medications that hinder sleep

  • Take short naps

Seniors can achieve getting the appropriate amount of sleep if they report their deficiencies to a caring specialist today. The specialist will examine the patients, analyze the issues and determine the best course of action for meeting a critical need.


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