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Laughter, One of the Best Medicines

While there are many medications that people may take for a variety of different conditions, one of the most important things that all people must do is keep their bodies healthy with a stress-free lifestyle. Many people already known that some of the best ways to lead such a lifestyle is to exercise regularly, limit the intake of tobacco and alcohol and eat a healthy diet, rich in protein and fiber. However, one of the best ways for people to enhance their health is also one of the least expected: through regular laughter. Laughter is a powerful force that can do beneficial things for the body. It has been known to cut the levels of stress-hormones, boost the body's immune system and produce positive brainwaves that are classified as intensely meditative and beneficial chemicals. Outside of the actual health benefits, many people simply love to laugh too, and there are yoga classes that are dedicated to laughing exercises. There are even doctors who professionally prescribe laughter to patients who suffer from anxiety. By learning more about the actual science behind laughter, it becomes easy for people to laugh more and enjoy each laugh all the better.  To begin, laughter reduced cortisol, which is the stress hormone. By reducing the presence of this chemical in the body, the person becomes less stressed. With less stress in the body, overall well-being improves, and individuals notice a change in their quality of life. Even just a little bit of laughter helps reduce stress and improve the immune system. Laughter can also lower the body's blood pressure levels. With lower blood pressure levels, the body has a significantly reduced risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Regular laughter can be one of the most powerful ways to combat all types of cirulatory issues.  Laughter is also an excellent way to burn calories and get a small workout into the day. Want toned abs? A little bit of laughter can be just what you need. When you laugh, your abdominal muscles contract and expand in a way similar to performing crunches.  In addition to an abdominal workout, laughter also burns calories, raising the individual's heart rate and burning up to 40 calories in 15 minutes. Though it is not the most effective way to exercise, regular laughter can allow people to keep weight off and supplement their existing dieting efforts. The positivity that comes with laughter never hurts either!

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