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Neighborhood Support May Help Stroke Survival for Seniors

When someone has a stroke, it often alters the way that they walk and talk. They sometimes lose the ability to provide the care for themselves that they need in order to stay at home alone. This is when the neighborhood can step in to help. If everyone in the community helps to clean the home of the stroke survivor, prepare meals during the week and help with daily activities, then it can sometimes help the person gain back some of the independence that was once there. Even if the person isn't able to fully recover from a stroke, there is knowledge that someone cares enough to make sure that the basic needs are met each day.

The social isolation that many stroke patients experience isn't healthy. They feel like they have been neglected at a time when they need someone the most. Senior citizens often feel alone even without health issues, but when there is a setback such as a stroke that occurs, then it can be devastating to the mindset. If the neighborhood comes together, they can provide the comfort that is needed for the senior to feel like progress can be made with eating, walking, bathing and other activities.

One thing to look at is moving a senior to a neighborhood that does have homes that are closer together or to a neighborhood that is only for seniors. There is often someone on the premises who is medically trained in some manner, offering assistance to those who need help. When a senior has neighbors who are close by instead of being blocks away from the home or even miles away, the senior has a better chance of getting to a doctor's appointment or getting to rehab in order to get the help that is needed to build the muscles after a stroke or to gain back some of the skills that were lost. If someone knows that there are symptoms for a stroke or if someone is already in the home and knows what to look for in regards to stroke symptoms, then it could mean that the senior gets to the hospital faster than if the person lived alone.

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