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Planning A Trip? Tips For Safe Senior Travel

The summer season is a time when families often go on a vacation. Senior citizens are no exception. Whether seniors take a trip in the summer or during another time of the year, there are a few safety tips that they can keep in mind to make sure the trip is fun and enjoyable. If the trip involves flying, try to get a seat at the aisle. This will make it easier when needing to get up to go to the bathroom. When the plane lands, it will be easier to get off the plane instead of waiting on others who might have more bags on board or those who might have children. All medications should be carried at all times. A small bag is ideal with the name and phone number of the person on the front of the bag. If the bag is lost, then someone can call the number or turn the bag into a pharmacy so that the pharmacist can look up the phone number to get an address. Make a plan in the event that there is an emergency on the trip. Seniors can let family members know exactly where they are going, the hotel where they will be staying and some of the attractions they plan to visit. They should also let family know when they will be home in case they aren't back that day. Women should avoid carrying a purse. Instead, consider getting a small pack that is worn around the waist to hold important items. If the person relies on a device for walking, then this should be taken on the trip instead of trying to walk without assistance. When looking for a hotel, try to find something that is on the first floor and that has accessible features. These include larger bathrooms, rails in the shower and raised toilets. Some hotels have elevators so that guests don't have to use the stairs. While on the trip, seniors should monitor what they eat. There might be foods that they want to try that they haven't ate before. Some seniors might think that since they are on vacation, they can go ahead and eat anything they want, not thinking about the fact that an excess of foods can upset the stomach.

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