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Social Issues and Their Affect on the Health of Seniors

Social health issues are always a concern, but few realize the significant impact it can have on both the mental and physical health of senior citizens. These issues often have a largely negative effect on seniors, and many treatment centers are planning on options to make it easier for seniors to receive treatment for such social issues. Some of the most common social problems include general loneliness from losing friends or a spouse. Another problem is the inability to manage regular living activities, such as eating, and the inability to cope with and accept the physical changes that come with aging. Some elderly people experience frustrations with chronic medical problems and an increased number of necessary medications. Social isolation is another frequently experienced problem, as the elderly's adult children begin to engage in their own lives and spend less time with their parents. Many elderly people also begin to feel inadequate as a result of their inability to keep working, and boredom and ennui may also play a significant role in negative mental and physical effects.  Fortunately, while these are serious concerns, doctors are discovering new ways to alleviate such social issues with simple lifestyle changes in their elderly patients. Enjoying a balanced diet and participating in standard group exercises is a crucial way to maintain a healthy life for many people of all ages. The routine exercising and healthy diet planning can have a noticeable impact in the overall well-being of the elderly patient. Simply picking up the pace is enough to treat or even prevent the onset of diseases such as depression, dementia, heart disease and osteoporosis. In addition to large-scale treatments are specialized centers, and many doctors recommend for the elderly to take matters into their own hands and practice activities such as brushing and flossing at least once a day as well as going to primary care centers routinely. Doctors also recommend the elderly limit their alcohol intake to a single drink daily and to quit smoking if they still do so. Regular health screening procedures can help patients stay healthy and active, and checking in with a dentist once or twice a year can help prevent various problems.  Most importantly, however, doctors recommend for all elderly people to adhere to a social routine as well. Making new friends and sharing life experiences is one of the best ways for elderly individuals to fight against mental issues. Studies show that making new friends can have physical benefits as well, such as in the new companions sharing exercise routines.

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