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Top 3 Medical Alert Systems

A medical alert system is designed to give its user and his or her family peace of mind in the event of a medical emergency. An effective medical alert system allows a person to contact emergency services if he or she falls, sustains an injury or needs some other type of medical assistance. Not surprisingly, there are many medical alert systems on the market today. But, there are a few with features that make them stand apart from the crowd. Take a look at some of the useful features offered by the top three medical alert systems.

  1. Medical Alert. A user can wear a Medical Alert pendant necklace on an adjustable lanyard or choose an alert system that can be worn on the wrist. Both styles are battery powered, waterproof and can detect when a user falls. The design features a single button that a user pushes at any time to connect with a professional in the Medical Alert Response Center. This system is easy to setup, there is no long-term contract and a user pays a reasonable monthly cost for the service.

  2. Medical Guardian. A user wearing this medical alert system can contact the 911 certified professionals in the monitoring center with the touch of a single button. Users may wear this waterproof alert system on a lanyard around their neck or on the wrist. Medical Guardian protects a user both inside and around the home. There are several packages to choose from or a user may customize a package to meet his or her specific needs. The monthly cost of Medical Guardian varies depending on which package a person chooses.

  3. LifeFone. One of the most appealing things about this medical alert system is the wide selection of packages available at different prices. The single button design of this system quickly connects a user with the operators in the LifeFone monitoring center. Each system has a long-lasting battery and is easy to install. Users may opt for a necklace pendant worn on a lanyard or wear the system on their wrist. The monthly cost of LifeFone depends on which package/features a person chooses. This company offers customers a free 30 day trial of its system.

These are just three examples of excellent medical alert systems. Individuals considering a particular medical alert system should take a close look at its features to make sure the system suits their lifestyle.

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