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Why You Might Get the Flu Twice This Year

Nobody wants to get the flu. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop it from happening. There might be a number of different reasons that a person comes down with the flu, not the least of which involves being around other people who have already been infected with it. Unless you plan on isolating yourself from virtually every other person for the duration of flu season, you’re probably going to be around somebody that’s carrying the virus. When you consider the fact that flu season can last for several months, isolation is clearly not the ideal solution. Fortunately, there are other things you can do but despite your best efforts, you may still get the flu a couple of different times this year.

Can You Really Get the Flu Twice This Year?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The reason that you might get the flu twice this year, even if you have had a flu vaccine, is because medical professionals have to take their best guess concerning the particular strain of flu they think will be most prevalent when designing the vaccine each year. They can’t wait for it to become obvious or the vaccine would never be ready in time. Sometimes, they miss the mark and that’s precisely what has happened this year. Therefore, you may end up getting both the A and B strains of the flu this year, as the vaccine only protects against one version and the other version is the one that has become far more prevalent. In addition, it’s important to remember that getting a flu vaccine is not a guarantee that you will not become infected with the flu. It reduces your chances and in most cases, it reduces the severity of the flu if you do get it. Therefore, it is feasible that you could get the flu twice this year. If you’re healthy, it’s relatively unlikely but it is not outside the realm of possibility.

Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Chances of Getting Sick

It’s vitally important that you keep in mind that one of the most important things you can do to prevent yourself from getting the flu is to wash your hands frequently. Granted, it can feel like that’s all you get done throughout the day, especially if you’re actually washing your hands as much as you should. That being said, it might prevent you from getting sick so in the long run, it’s definitely worth it. You can also work to keep things in your home and workplace clean and free from germs. Last but certainly not least, it’s important to keep your own immunity in top form and get vaccinated each year. Each of these three things will be discussed in far more detail in the following paragraphs so you should keep reading.

Why Is Washing Your Hands So Important?

In short, washing your hands is important because it is the single most vital thing you can do to keep the flu virus out of your own body. When you think about the number of things that you touch during a typical day, it’s easy to understand why it’s so important. As you’re probably already well aware, a simple trip to the grocery store can be all it takes to infect you and everyone else in your house with the flu virus. All you have to do is touch an object that someone else has touched who was already carrying the virus. If they sneeze on something or they cough into their hand and then touch something else, the virus can be transmitted. That’s precisely why you see so many people wiping down their carts with antiseptic wipes before they ever touch anything. That’s one thing you can do to minimize the chances that you could potentially get sick, but it still doesn’t beat washing your hands. That’s especially true when you consider the fact that even if you just cleaned that cart, you can’t possibly disinfect every surface that you’re about to touch. Therefore, you should always wash your hands before and after eating a meal, or after you touch anything that could potentially be infected with the flu virus or any other form of bacteria. If you’re in a place where washing your hands is positively not an option, carry a small bottle of alcohol-based disinfectant. It’s not quite as effective, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Clean Regularly

You probably already go out of your way to keep both your home and your workplace clean but during flu season, it’s even more important. It’s surprising how long some bacteria can live on surfaces, especially when those surfaces are porous in nature. Therefore, you should always have something at the ready that is capable of killing those germs and you should wipe down surfaces on a daily basis. This is even more important if you’re talking about surfaces where you and your family eat. In that case, it wouldn’t hurt to go over them several times a day.

Do What You Can to Stay Healthy

Clearly, you want to do whatever you can to prevent you or someone you love from getting the flu. Getting vaccinated is probably the most important thing you can do from a medical standpoint. Even if the vaccine isn’t quite spot on, as is the case this year, it’s still better than having no protection at all. It may not prevent you from getting the flu but it may prevent it from becoming bad enough that you need to be hospitalized. At the same time, it’s also important that you do other things to stay healthy such as getting enough rest, exercising and eating properly. It also doesn’t hurt to take an additional dietary supplement that’s designed to give your immune system a boost. It may be just what you need to stave off the flu.

Experts will tell you that you should always avoid touching your face and that you should never eat without washing your hands, as previously mentioned. If someone in your home gets the flu, ensure that they stay away from other family members as much as possible and make sure that everything has been thoroughly cleaned and laundered inside the home. This can help you and everyone else stay healthy by keeping the flu at bay.