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What is a Hospitalist?

The term “hospitalist” has only been in existence since 1996 when the New England Journal of Medicine first coined the term. In the last couple of decades, the field has expanded from a few hundred hospitalists to more than 30,000, but there remains a good deal of confusion about the definition and responsibilities of this […]

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How Much Sleep Do Seniors Need?

The debate over the amount of sleep that different people need continues to be a focal point of discussion by various medical groups. The sleep needs of senior citizens is an ongoing debate, as well. Some groups believe that senior citizens need less sleep than younger adults need, while other groups feel as though senior […]

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Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Fill That Rx

An enormous amount of prescriptions are written every day around the world. Unfortunately, far too many people simply go to their local pharmacy and have the prescription filled without getting information from their doctor about the drug they are about to begin taking. There is nothing more important than your health. Therefore, it only makes […]

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Workaholics and Increased Stroke Risk

Working long hours is supposed to help you secure a stable future, but that’s only going to happen if it doesn’t kill you first. A new study has found that workers who put in a lot of overtime have a significantly higher risk of stroke. The study was published August 19, 2015, by Mika Kivimaki—professor […]

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Bluetooth and the Future of Hearing Aids

While smartwatches and fitness trackers continue to catch the attention those interested in cutting-edge technology, one of the most impressive and potentially game-changing devices may not be worn by the general population. The newest type of hearing aid, which is Bluetooth-enabled and small enough to be overlooked, is revolutionizing lives for the hearing impaired, and […]

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New Medication: An Eye Drop That Can Dissolve Cataracts?

Around the world, millions of people suffer from cataracts, and in the United States, more than half of those who reach age 80 or older will receive cataract surgery before their eightieth birthday. This surgery is necessary to prevent blindness, and although it is common and safe, doctors have long been looking for an alternative […]

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Moderate Drinking and Heart Damage in The Eldery

Many people believe that drinking alcohol in moderation will not play a major negative effect on the drinker’s health. In fact, many doctors have said that regular drinking in small amounts can actually have a positive effect for the individual’s well-being. However, new evidence is beginning to surface, and it claims that having a few […]

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A Guide: Common Pains as You Age

From childhood growing pains and broken bones to backaches and arthritis, everyone suffers from aches and pains at some point in their lives. There are, however, specific ages when particular pains are most common, and as you know, our bodies often endure new and more frequent pains as we age. Thankfully, there are certain things […]

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The Secrets To Healthy Aging

Everybody wants to look and feel their best. In order to help interested individuals live a healthy lifestyle, researchers have compiled a tremendous amount of data on the healthiest practices, guaranteed to help extend the person’s life and improve its quality. A large part of the research is centered around healthy dieting practices, though there […]

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Top Dry Mouth Remedies

Dry mouth, often referred to as cotton mouth, is a condition that consists of an unusual dryness in your mouth. It is experienced by millions of people. In the vast majority of cases, it is caused by the salivary glands in your mouth not producing as much saliva as is needed to keep your mouth […]

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