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Playgrounds for Seniors? A Growing Trend

When most people think of their golden years, they don’t envision themselves going to a playground daily. They think about idly sitting on bench feeding birds and squirrels, playing bingo and chess, and silver hair blowing in the breeze from a front porch rocking chair. Well, this is the golden years 2.0, and it involves […]

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Antibiotics May Help Combat Alzheimers Symptoms

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that affects millions of people every year. There is no cure for the illness and the treatments are only effective to a certain degree. This is one reason research into the illness is still ongoing and researchers seek to study the disease from every angle. An unexpected discovery may have […]

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Blood Test May Be Able to Predict Heart Disease

There is virtually nothing that can prepare someone for what they think is a routine trip to the doctor, only to be confronted with the news that something is seriously wrong with their health. This is especially true if the problem is associated with a person’s heart. Hearing those words might arguably be one of […]

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Increased Muscle Power Related to Prolonged Life?

Ongoing research on aging revealed at a recent European Society of Cardiology event shows having increased muscle power is related to prolonging the length of people’s lives. That doesn’t mean members of the elderly population should become weightlifters if they want to live long lives. But it does show a correlation between the ability to […]

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New Compound Discovery That May Combat Superbugs

During the last few years, scientists have been placing their focus on one of the biggest concerns in the world. There are bacterial strains that have become resistant to antibiotics. This makes these strains extremely difficult or impossible to kill. These dangerous bacteria are being referred to as superbugs. According to the latest study, researchers […]

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LATE: A Brain Condition That Mimics Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease brings a lot of pain to people across the world. One has to sit and watch as their loved one almost literally fades away into a new person before death. It is hard to care for a family member who has this disease, but, with patience and perseverance, it can be done. More […]

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Cutting a Certain Amino Acid May Help the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Harvard Medical School’s scientists have recently discovered something totally unexpected about ER (estrogen receptor) positive breast cancer through a study they jointly conducted with other research center colleagues around the country. In a range of lab experiments, they also learned that SLC7A5, the cell surface protein helping cells to obtain leucine, has an impact on […]

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Life Expectancy Increasing Despite Health Care Inequalities

Life expectancy is always a hot topic, especially when considering a broad spectrum of countries. Despite all of the civil wars and continuing fatal diseases in the world, the latest release from the United Nations reveals that life expectancy is still improving and making good gains especially in the developed world. In this article, we […]

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Most U.S. Seniors Will Lack Funds for Assisted Living By 2029

According to a new research study, by 2029 the majority of middle-class U.S. seniors will not be able to afford assisted living programs. The problem derives from the fact that the number of middle-class seniors will explode in the next decade. While today there are around 8 million middle-class people 75 years old or older, […]

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The Best Diet For Older Adults

Is there a best diet for older adults? As we age, our metabolisms naturally slow down – it’s inevitable. This poses a unique problem for older adults because a huge component of weight loss is muscle mass. In a sort of paradoxical approach to weight loss, we cut calories but that causes us to lose […]

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